How to Choose from the Top HOA Management Companies in Phoenix

City Property has been providing HOA management services in Phoenix for a long time. HOA management companies in Phoenix have increased over the last few years making it necessary to learn how to choose from the top HOA management companies. The main qualification for any HOA management company is trust. People must have an absolute faith in a company before hiring them to manage their homeowner’s association.


Factors to Consider 

Providing HOA management services is a demanding activity that involves managing many tasks and projects. Therefore, expertise and experience should be the initial qualifications to look at when choosing from an HOA company. Once an individual has separated the best companies from the rest, then they can delve deeper to find the HOA Company that matches their homeowner’s association needs.

The selection committee should be ready to spend a considerable amount of time in the process of evaluation. Considering what is at stake, it is wise not to rush into making a choice. To ensure that the selection committee covers all the bases, effort, discipline and time have to be incorporated.

People who don’t have search committees already in place should consider putting one in place prior the beginning of the evaluation process. The committee has the responsibility of going through the profiles of different HOA management companies in order to determine the company that rhymes with the community’s needs. Search committees are free to have a few members to many members depending with the nature of the homeowner’s association.

Prior beginning the search for the best HOA management company, it is important to bear in mind the needs of the homeowner’s association. This way, people will choose the right company that matches their needs. The members of the committee should make an individual list of some of the needs they think are most critical. Afterwards, one master list of requirements can be compiled.

Understanding State Guidelines

Each state has its own unique guidelines that govern HOA management companies. This therefore necessitates the understanding of state guidelines before choosing from an HOA management company. The members of the committee must have clear ideas about some of these state regulations. Some states may require special licensing others may not.

In addition, the members of the committee should consider finding out whether that HOA management company is state certified. However, some states may have no certification requirements. Being aware of any regulatory credentials required by state ensures that people don’t waste time on a particular HOA management company that doesn’t meet certification requirements.

Another key factor to consider when choosing from an HOA management company is its insurance and bonding. This includes workers’ compensation and liability. State laws have outlined minimum requirements that should guide individuals on this. To confirm coverage properly, it is important to ensure that people ask for all insurance copies.

Evaluations should always begin by checking references. HOA management companies with excellent track records with other homeowner’s associations indicate that they are excellent performers. In addition, it is wise to visit the offices of the HOA management companies and also some of the facilities under their management. This provides first hand information about the services provided to other communities as well as what to expect from the company.

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